Olive Oil Company

Olive Oil CompanyOO company (Olive Oil company) is located in Volos, Central Greece. Although its products have only just been introduced to the market, it is a very fast-growing company as it is currently already distributing products in Europe, the UK as well as Canada. Our advantage as a company on the market is the high quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we trade. OO guarantees the high quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil via chemical analyses and certifications.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced directly from quality olives, only by mechanical methods  and is strictly:

i) with a guaranteed acidity of < 0,5% in glass bottles and a guaranteed acidity of <0,6% in plastic bottles.

ii) without any mixing with aromatics, chemical substances or any other types of oil.

iii) this  year ‘s  crop. (After January 2014. Crop period is from November – January).

The production of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil takes place by centrifugation under cold pressure. The olive oil  is transported through a closed circuit in stainless steel tanks, no hassle of traffic and transfusions, removing any risk of potential vitiation.

OO company trades “Olive Juice”!

Research has proven that 60% of the so-called “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” bottles which are labeled as  such in the global market cannot actually pass the tests  to be named extra virgin. (Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an olive oil whose free fatty acid content is no more than 0.8g per 100g (0,8%)).

What really happens in the global market is that many manufacturers distribute olive oil which is labeled as extra virgin but is inreality mixed with aromatics and other types of oils. OO, being a medium level producer (with 20,000 olive oil trees) and having full knowledge of the technical issues in extra virgin olive oil production, has the ability to claim this.

Obviously, the simple question is why trust OO company to not reduce the quality by mixing it’s product with aromatics or other oils.The answer obviously being that OO could not prove something like this through a leaflet of Quality Specifications. No company could claim this either.

The high quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be proven to you in due course, both by the constancy of our services and by keeping the standards on the quality of our products on a high level. Of course, chemical analyses and acidity certifications will be provided along with every order/deal/shipment.

OO company has built up a net of producers and cooperatives in the Magnesia area  (Magnesia is the general Volos region) with their production quantity  being  collected directly by OO. This is the way  OO  maintains  high quality standards on our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

OO ‘s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is bottled and labeled in our 3 packing lines in the industrial area of Volos. Two of them using semi – automatic machines and the third one using automatic machines,  HACCP systems and ISO9001 standards  are used respectively.

OO company’s graphic design department is professionally equipped to create labels in any form/design according to our clients’ needs, translate labels in any language and ensure the required labeling of  any country, as in some, there exists different legislation.

Main products are in glass bottles of 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1 ltr, and plastic bottles of 1, 2, 3 and 5 ltrs.OO has the flexibility to distribute a variety of other types of packaging as well, if this would cover our clients’ needs.

OO was established to provide quality services and to realize our vision that high quality Greek  Extra Virgin Olive Oil should  be tasted all over the world!