Extra Virgin Olive Oil of high quality from Greece

Classic is produced by the method of first cold extraction at low temperatures (T<27oC), under constantly controlled hygienic conditions. The production method, the region and the varietal blend of olive cultivars result to an olive oil of fruity and rather spicy flavor and subtle aroma. Its acidity will not exceed 0,5% during its shelf-life.

Generally Quality Characteristics
Category : Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Region of Olive Cultivars and Production : Pelion Mountain 100%
Olive Variety : Konservoelia or from Volos, Amfissa, Agrinion, Arta 100%.
Extraction : First cold Pressed
Organoleptic : Fruity and rather Spicy Flavor
Acidity : Less than 0,5%
Colour : Golden deep Green
Packaging : Dark glass Maraska/Dorica Bottles
Volumes : 250 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml
Available : Yes