Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Specification of Extra Virgin Olive OilOrigin : Greece
Variety : Konservoelia or from Volos, Amfissa, Arta 80%, other places 20%
Harvest : By hand
Crop : Strictly this year ‘s crop (After January 2014)
Extraction : First cold pressed
Acidity : Less than 0.5%
Peroxyde : Less than 20 meqO2/Kgr
K270 : Less than 0.22
K232 : Less than 2.5
Bottling and Labelling : Semi-automatic machines (HACCP, ISO9001)
Colour : Golden deep Green
Volumes (main) : 250 ml (Glass bottle), 500 ml  (Glass bottle), 750 ml  (Glass bottle), 1  ltr (Glass bottle) ,1 ltr  (Plastic bottle), 2 ltrs  (Plastic bottle), 3 ltrs  (Plastic bottle). 5 ltrs (Plastic bottle)
Available dynamic capacity :   200 tons/month  (Updated 2/5/2014)
Storage : In a cool and dark place
Shelf  life : 15-18 months from the production

Production Infos

The production of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil takes place by centrifugation under cold pressure.
The olive oil is transported through a closed circuit in stainless steel tanks,
no hassle of traffic and transfusions, removing any risk of potential vitiation.